Accounting & Audit

We provide a full range of Integrated business Support services to our clients. We have the experience and the expertise to quickly cater to the needs of our reputed clients. We maintain high values for our clients which are a strategic move for forward-thinking organizations, as we consistently deliver superior value and achieve the highest standards.

Most importantly, we serve you services, ensuring Quality, Confidentiality, Integrity, and on-time execution for each and every requirement of your company.


Accountancy Services

Our accountants follow IAS/US GAPP. Our services are structured to allow you to choose a full back office service. J K Varghese & Co. offers its clients the following accounting services:

Book keeping
Preparation of Statutory year end Financial Statements
Interim Financial Reporting
International Financial reporting
Reconciliation Work
Formulations of SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

Audit & Assurance

Audit & Assurance Services

Our Statutory Audit provides Assurance on the Truthfulness & Fairness of the Financial Information, advice and review of Controls, Procedures and assurance on Business Processes & Systems. Our team applies Global Audit Methodology, Tools, Documentation, Approach, Knowledge and Technology. Our team is committed to the highest professional ethics, standards and integrity. Quality Control is our Commitment towards Professionalism and Excellence. In short, we offer:

Statutory Audit
Internal Audit, Risk Management and Corporate Governance
Tax Audit
Management Audit
Review of Accounts
Special Audit
Due diligence
Restatement as per IAS/ US GAPP


Every company registered in India has to get his Statutory Audit accounts audited from a chartered accountant every year. We have team of professionals to conduct such audits, analyses the internal controls and reports changes required.


For in depth checking of day-to-day transactions, Internal Audit large business organizations require internal audit. We have sufficient and capable staff strength to conduct these types of audits.



We believe that people make all the difference in building shareholder value. That’s what Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is all about. It’s the story of how people can work together as a team to make companies more competitive and profitable – and to bring about meaningful changes that benefit customers, employees, and shareholders

At J K Varghese & Co. People, teamwork, and communications make it happen. We really listen to our clients, and develop innovative ways to meet their needs. Partnering is very important, and we work closely with management to help them reach their goals. We care for the people we hire, providing them with new and exciting career opportunities because people make all the difference in building shareholder value.

Key Factors in Successfully Outsourcing a Business Process :

1. Thoroughly analyze your process so you know your costs, and can determine the cost savings of outsourcing over a specific time period.

2. Define roles and responsibilities in the outsourcing partnership, so there are no surprises, and so that goals and expectations are clear to both parties.

3. Have measurable performance objectives-the speed of transactions, the time period to close the books, etc.-and establish performance incentives, both rewards and penalties, for meeting those objectives.

4. Develop a detailed transition plan to ensure a smooth hand-off. Outsourcing is a major undertaking that benefits from careful advanced planning.

5. Establish a clear dispute-resolution process to handle issues as they arise. This makes for smoother operations and doesn’t make every issue a contractual or legal problem.

6. Monitor results for continuous improvement. Arrange long-term contracts on a yearly renewal basis, so there is an annual review of an outsourcer’s performance.